Retro Computing  

   HARD TO FIND  [160 mb]
Installing this driver will solve issues with unrecognized IMPI Interface and PCI Serial Port devices on legacy Gateway FX series computers running Windows 7. You can also download this at Gateway's FTP site, but you'll need a username (esupport) and password (vImvF88).

Protector Suite QL   [15 mb]
Provides fingerprint scanning software for Sony Vaio SZ series computers  running Windows 7. You'll need to manually select an older UPEK driver to sync with the software. This file is also available directly from Sony. [3.9 mb]
Mustang Software's Wildcat BBS software. Version 4.1, the last version to run in DOS.   [9 kb]
Animated X-Wing mouse cursor.




Open source compression utility. No spam or adware. Simple and free.

Open source DOS emulator. Runs classic programs and games. No spam or adware. Free.

Hardware detection and diagnostic utility. Incredibly detailed. Checks hard disk sectors, among other things. Freeware. No spam or ads.

Open source password manager. Generates passwords and stores passwords offline. No spam or adware. Free.



Free DOOM multiplayer utility. Allows easy online and LAN play.

Free port of DOOM and DOOM2. Adds online deathmatch and bots, among other features. Works on modern operating systems. Use this to play old wads.

   WADs   [0.4 mb]   [0.4 mb]   [0.4 mb]   [1.0 mb]   [22 kb]
A surprisingly good, early 90's deathmatch wad from American McGee.   [92 kb]
Another single level wad file for DOOM from John Romero released in 2016.   [0.2 mb]
Single level wad file for DOOM by John Romero. Released in 2016. The text file is worth a read.   [40 kb]   [0.2 mb]


Legend of the Green Dragon
A BBS era door game based on the Legend of the Red Dragon. Designed to run on the web. Play here!

The Diamond Mine
Telnet to the Diamond Mine, a BBS running Synchronet BBS software. You can play Legend of the Red Dragon and download retro computing software.

   WIN16 GAMES   


   DOWNLOADS   [0.4 mb]
Legend of the Red Dragon v4.07 by Seth Robinson. This was a wildly popular BBS era door game from the 90's. You may also need to download this patch to get it to run.   [1.2 mb]
Nestopia is a solid Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the PC. Version 1.4.

project64_1.6.exe   [2.0 mb]
Project 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for the PC. This older version is free from malware.   [0.8 mb]
ZSnes is a fantastic Super Nintendo emulator for the PC.




Behavioral Macro
Mark Dow's blog. A former IMF economist and current hedge fund portfolio manager.

Calculated Risk
Bill McBride's blog. Housing market expert; empirical economist.

China Financial Markets
Michael Pettis' blog. Peking University finance professor. Proponent of savings - investments identities in macroeconomics.

Conscience of a Liberal
Paul Krugman's blog. The most insightful economist of our time.

Downtown Josh Brown
Financial advisor at Ritholtz Wealth Management. Blogs on markets and finance at The Reformed Broker.

Louisville Free Public Library
Provides online access to Morningstar analyst ratings and Value Line stock research for free. Account required.

Portfolio Visualizer
Backtest portfolio asset allocation. Free.

Tim Duy's Fed Watch
University of Oregon economics professor. Blog focuses on the Federal Reserve and macroeconomics.


Benedict Evans
Insightful tech analyst focused on mobile. "The search engine is the command prompt."

Good Old Games
Sells 90's computers games optimized to run on modern systems.
Provides slow downloads for various older software. Typically free from malware.
Remarkably competent forum dedicated to IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad computers.
Paul Thurott's tech news and analysis site. Emphasis on Microsoft and Windows.

Provides downloads for retro and abandoned operating systems like DOS 6.22, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95. No malware or spam.


Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Syracuse SB Nation blog.



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